Ukraine. Odessa Hotels Reservation Service offers all sorts of excursions in Odessa. You may easily order an excursion for he group as well as the individual one, by motor-car by micro-bus or by the bus.

Our company accept also enquiries for marine yacht trip in Odessa.

Prices for the excursions in Odessa in English, USD.

Photo Excursions in Odessa Excursion duration Price for group, USD*
Group 2-3 pax Group 4-18 pax Group 19-48 pax Group 49-70 pax
Odessa Panoramic tour
Odessa City-tour
2,5 - 3 hours
$ $ $ $
Tour Temples of Odessa
Temples of Odessa
2,5 - 3 hours
$ $ $ $
Tour Odessa catacombs
Mystery of Odessa catacombs
2,5 - 3 hours
$ $ $ $
Excursions Odessa Place of different religions
Place of different religions
2,5 - 3 hours
$ $ $ $
Tour Vilkovo Danube delta
Tour Vilkovo - Ukrainian Venice
12 - 13 hours
50$ per prsn";?> 50$ per prsn";?> 50$ per prsn";?> 50$ per prsn";?>
Tour Sofiyivsky Park Uman
Sofiyivsky Park Uman
12 hours
$ $ $ $
Excursions Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Fortress
Tour to Akkerman Fort, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky
5 - 6 hours
$ $ $ $
Tour Literary Odessa
Tour Literary Odessa
2,5 - 3 hours
$ $ $ $
Wine Tour Odessa
Wine Tour Odessa
from 3 till 6 hours
under request
Transport: For excursions, we use only comfortable air-conditioned car: Daewoo Leganza, Toyota Avensis, minibuses Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Vito, buses Neoplan, Volvo, Mercedes.

Tour guides in Odessa: Certified guides with experience of not less than 5 years, and usually with the experience of more than 10 and 20 years. Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French, Bulgarian, Turkish and other languages.

The table lists only the main excursions in Odessa. Our guides can also make various thematic excursions of any orientation, such as "Jews in Odessa", "Musical Odessa", "Pushkin in Odessa", Odessa and the Opera", "Odessa courtyards" and others. It's also possible to visits any museums in Odessa: the Archaeological Museum, the Literary Museum, Arts Museum, etc.

We provide integrated excursions and transport services in Odessa! Individual, team and group excursions! Excursion tours to Odessa on 1 day, 2 days, 3-4 days or more! Tours for schoolchildren and students! Accommodation, food, transportation, guides!

Marine yacht trip in Odessa. Rent of yachts.

Photo Yachts in Odessa The number of passengers Type Of Yacht Length/Width Cost of rent a yacht with crew
Hourly rental Daily rental
Аренда яхты в Одессе яхта БЛЮЗ
up to 6 pax sailing yacht 9м / 3,2м
$ $
Аренда яхты в Одессе яхта Анжеликия
6 - 10 pax sailing yacht 11,4м / 3,9м
$ $
Аренда яхты в Одессе яхта Гер РОбин
up to 12 pax sailing yacht 14,5м / 3,8м
$ $
Аренда яхты в Одессе яхта Бавария
up to 12 pax sailing yacht 15м / 4,5м
$ $
Аренда катамарана Хаджибей в Одессе
Catamaran HADJIBEY
up to 150 pax m/v, catamaran 37,85м / 11,56м
$ under request
What you need to know when going on a trip on the yacht:

Dress code: First of all, don't forget the swimsuit. For everyday clothes fit tracksuit, shorts, t-shirt. Footwear should be soft, white rubber soles. Shoes on heels can be used only on the shore. For Sun protection handy KEPI. Stormy or windy weather to be warm underwear, warm hat, sweater with high collar, tight pants, duster coat, or jacket.
You must take: Passport for border guards. Tablets from the sea sickness (if it necessary for you). And do not forget to take your camera.
How are meals organized by yacht: The cost of products not included in the price of the trip. You can buy them yourself or entrust it to us. Cooking on the yacht belongs to you, or we can take a crew of a ship's Cook (extra pay).
How do you get to the yacht: At your request we can arrange for you a delivery from the hotel, the railway station or airport to the yacht.

The table lists only the main our yacht, at your request we can arrange for you any available in Odessa yachts and motor boats VIP level. Also you can make the marine trip from Odessa to Crimea and Kinburnskiy spit, Tendra island or go to sea fishing.

What is included in the cost of excursions and rent a yacht:

  • The price of the excursion includes: individual transport for your group and tour guide. Beginning and end of the tour in your hotel.
  • Prices for excursions are in English. For other languages (German, French, Bulgarian, Turkish, Polish,..) the price may vary slightly.
  • All prices are in US dollars for reference, all payments shud be done in national currency.
  • The price of the yacht rental includes yacht and crew.
  • The minimum length of the marine yacht trip 2 hours.
  • The rental yacht price does not include meals and drinks.